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    Aug 23, 2010
    Hi we bought our first motorhome a few weeks ago (second hand). The hand over and completion of the paper work was to say the least chaotic with reams of paper to sign. But the salesman took great care to explain about GAP insurance, something I had never heard of before. He told us Horror stories about motorhomes being written off in the first week and insurance companies not paying out the full value of the vehicle. He said that it was FSA rules that he had to bring the subject up. When I asked if we could come back to him later. He said that the insurance had to be taken out on the day of purchase. So we paid up £499 for three years cover. We took the motorhome away for a few days and had time to reflect. When we got home a quick Internet search reveled that the thing about having to bring it up is a salesman's scam, and most companies will insure you up to 90 days after purchase. Also on a 20k vehicle the going rate is about £150-200. So we canceled the policy under the cooling off period. This took about eight phone calls and a letter to dealer and insurer. The salesman just didn't want anything to do with us and wouldn't return our calls. Today I had to threaten to go into the dealership and start shouting. The sails manager eventually called me and credited our card there and then. So if you think you need Gap insurance fine. But you can shop around, and the salesman is not obliged to try and sell it to you. Sorry if this went on a bit.
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    Brilliant - you should give lessons, we Brits are pretty poor at complaining, damned good at getting ripped off.

    The sun is shining, get out there and make the most of it.

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