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    Urgent Advice on CO danger in the holiday Season - August edition

    With millions of Britons now enjoying their summer holidays, Gas Safe Register has issued urgent advice on staying safe from carbon monoxide.

    New research carried out for Gas Safe Register has found that many people do not understand the dangers of CO when they are on holiday. More than half (53 per cent) don’t realise that a smoking charcoal barbecue in a tent, caravan, motor home or room can result in CO poisoning. More than one in three (38 per cent) do not know that using a gas camping stove inside can result in poisoning, and 22 per cent do not realise that CO can build up in a poorly ventilated space with working gas appliances in it, such as a tent or caravan.

    The warning was picked up and relayed around the country, with stories running on ITV’s Daybreak and in the Daily Telegraph, as well as on local TV, alongside CO campaigner Stacey Rodgers on radio news programmes.

    On Daybreak, TV doctor Hilary Jones warned of the dangers of the Silent Killer, and talked to Roland Wessling, who lost his partner Hazel Woodhams in 2011 to CO poisoning on a camping trip. The couple had brought their barbecue, which was cold and no longer smoking, inside their tent without realising it was giving off deadly CO.

    Roland says: “The barbecue had gone out over an hour before we brought it inside the porch of our tent to tidy up before going to bed. It never crossed our minds that we were putting ourselves in danger. When I woke up the next morning I was extremely disorientated and could barely move. The hardest thing of all was to accept that the person I loved most in the world was lying lifeless next to me. I was rushed to hospital and treated for severe CO poisoning.”

    Mark Pratten, fire prevention officer at Cornwall Fire and Rescue, also warned Daybreak viewers: “If people are using barbecues, use them in the open air – don’t use them in an enclosed space. Any residual heat in disposable barbecues is still giving off lethal levels of CO.”

    Last year the cold weather led to the deaths of Hannah Thomas, 14, in May 2012 and Isabelle Harris, six, in April 2012, after their respective families brought a barbecue inside their tents to keep warm.

    Sarah Hill, stakeholder manager for Gas Safe Register, says: “We want people to know and understand the dangers of CO on holiday. Many of the tragic deaths and serious injuries over the past two years could have been avoided if the individuals had known the causes.

    “This is why we’re working with the All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group (APPCOG) to issue vital safety advice, so that when it comes to CO, people can identify and avoid risky situations and get help quickly should they suspect danger.”

    Barry Sheerman MP, chair of APPCOG, says: “Gas Safe Register’s research, and the continued deaths and injuries in recent years, show a worrying lack of awareness of the causes of CO. It is vital people are aware of the causes of CO so they do not put their lives at risk, especially on holiday when we naturally have our guard down.”

    • Gas Safe Register has more information on CO safety on holiday, including a factsheet, at www.gassaferegister.co.uk/holiday

    * A survey of 650 people was carried out in June 2013 byAccent for Gas Safe Register.
    Again this may be old news to some but I did see an RVer actually undertaking this dangerous practice at Malvern. :Sad::Doh:
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    Good information well-presented well dune
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    Interesting because I believe Cadac state their burner can be used inside.....perhaps it's something to do with the lack of coals.
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