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    Apr 24, 2011
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    When I bought the motorhome I thought to check for damp behind all the cupboards, behind cushions, the bed and along the ceiling—I forgot to look in the step well ! Few weeks ago realised there was a problem but didn’t dare take anything apart to look how bad (in case I couldn’t put it back together again)
    I know there are good garages but woman on her own just going to a garage with "I think i have a problem" has never worked well for me in the past :Sad:
    So another good reason to have joined Fun :Smile:—remembered chatting with Cheyne (Upmarkethippy) in the Quiz room and him saying that if I had any problems with m.home and was in the area to call in.
    I was only about an hours drive away so Cheyne arranged for me to stay on a nice CS ( run by a lovely couple who do Beagle rescue), looked at the problem and in a few hours removed all the problem area, built a whole new step, weatherproofed it all AND made a new handle for the screen door (which had cracked)
    Brilliant job, well done. Thanks Cheyne. The screen door handle is incredibly strong too and doing its job.

    So another reason to than motorhome Fun.

    Now at the National Eisteddfod near Llantwit Major in South Wales. Don’t understand a word of what is being said (thank goodness for the translating service on some events!) but a great atmosphere.
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