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    We have just changed our insurance to safeguard because we have decided to go fulltiming. I stipulated that we are renting our house out whilst living in the motorhome.They came back with a quote of £769:D which included comprehensive AA cover,365 days European travel & a Green card which was free .All we have to do is phone them prior to travelling.Before handing over any money I again asked the question "we are renting our house out, are you sure we are fully insured for full timing ?".The nice young lady assured us that we we're .She explained that as long as we OWN our property & that my drivers licence/passport is registered at our address(which they are) then we are comprehensively covered:).Thought I'd mention it because read on the forum that only comfort + AIB through aviva cover for fulltiming .Got a quote from comfort £1,100...just out of interest we have a le voyageur LVX series 11 LHD.
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