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    This was my reply this morning to Movan thread on Maggies phone call
    ("We found No problem on NONE toll roads getting diesel ??.....(there was a odd petrol station around Le-Mans that was closed, another in the Le-Mans area allowed us 38 euros after Le-Mans we found all ok), some supermarkets had about 6 to 12 cars queuing but that seems quite normal about 6 cars waiting for Petrol /Diesel ) we have just come back home after 2000km with 3/4 tank left in the motorhome and had no problems what so ever...so unless the situation has changed since yesterday! all seems normal in the village cars running all over no one seems to be saving the diesel for important journeys ....we live in France...we also travelled 110km yesterday afternoon on NONE Peage roads and never saw any problem ???.......
    All I can report and add to Maggies info is what we see.......")

    This is a update
    We have just had our central heating fuel delivered 1000 lts (FIOUL) 5 mins ago with a large tanker.....we ordered the fuel yesterday and had it delivered today......I asked him if there was any problems with Gazoil....in our area of France...or does he know of any area of France that are having a problem getting Gazoil or fuel for the central heating...."he said no ...none" this is a big delivery firm.........:thumb::thumb::thumb:
    what I was not to pleased with is the price.......last year at the same time of year we had 1000 ltrs....it was 0.61c a ltr.......this time for the same amount it was 0.80c a ltr...800 euros for a 1000 ltrs...Mmmmm...Grrrr.....may even be Brrrrrr.....then we have all the seasoned hard wood for the wood burning fire to buy...:Eeek::Eeek: I think it may have be extra wooly jumpers on this year:cry:


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