Frustrating Insurance Renewal Experience with LV Highway (1 Viewer)

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Feb 28, 2023
Newcastle-under-Lyme, UK
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I have just had my renewal with Performance Direct (Grove and Dean) which is up £47 at £427. It is with LV Highway. This includes a Tracker as part of their policy. So went on comparison sites and PD wanted £720 along with others at a similar price. I am 76. So I thought lets try LV direct, as PD showed their part as £280 plus £112 Broker fee. Couldn't do it on line for some reason so phoned. Agent took all my details plus as part of the questions where it is kept overnight. It is kept locally on a CaSSOA Gold Award park. The Agent came back and said they couldn't offer cover because of where it was stored and not at my home address!!!! I queried this and said it's more secure there than it would be at my home, this is ridiculous. Looks like I shall be renewing with PD, at least this year.

What worries me now with a new predicted Labour Government, is how sympathetic to our cause they will be. Don't forget Khan is Labour and the ULEZ cancer is already subjecting me to a £100 fee if I go anywhere near cities like Bath.

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