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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Lincolnshire Rover, Apr 27, 2010.

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    We had a great weekend at Peterborough Show and then headed to Porthcawl in South Wales to meet up with our daughter over from the IOM , when we got there after 5 hrs driving the fridge was warm not cold , so we had to do a quick return home to get it fixed.
    Its a Thetford N150 fridge freezer in a Swift Ace Airstream 680fb its been ok on gas and electric but not on 12v whilst in motion , a new upgrade 12v unit was installed in the fridge last November, but the motorhome has not been used until last weekend so obviously not tested on the road.
    Having spoken to Thetford they think it could be a faulty new unit or that the wiring loom to the unit is not heavy enough for the amperage required has anyone else had the same problem ? now I am waiting for the engineer to call and hopefully fix it so we can get off to France on Friday a day later than planned .
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    fridge cooling

    We have the same fridge fitted to our 2008 bessacar 765p and have the same problem, we have also had the uprated 12 volt cooling element but it is still not man enough and the load it takes has an effect on the leisure batteries charge, we have the truma securmotion regulator fitted so we travel with the fridge on gas, the frozen food stays frozen ans the batteries get a better charge.
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    I had the same problem with mine.
    I wired it to the engine battery through a relay,that solved the problem.
    I think there was to much voltage drop from the leasure batteries.
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    Ours is also fed from the leisure batteries when static and ignition off.

    Once engine is running the charge from the alternator keeps it running but we always switch to gas or mains (if on mains hookup)when on site or parked up for long time enroute.

    We tried leaving it on gas while travelling but the venting and draught kept putting the pilot light out....It reignited automatically but wasn't an option for us.

    Have you tested to see you are getting the 12v feed to the fridge?Might just be a fuse....

    Hope you get it sorted.:thumb:


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