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Feb 5, 2014
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I have posted previously about problems with my fridge, starting with the fridge not working on gas following a hab service and then not working on EHU following the gas being fixed. Today I sat in the dealership while an agreed process was carried out: lo and behold the neutral wire was loosely attached to the fridge and was only making intermittent and poor contact. I feel vindicated in saying that insufficient care was taken when the work was carried out.

A couple of weeks ago I sent a strongly worded letter to the company and I was then told that my presence at their premises was no longer welcome. This was followed up with a phone call from the senior manager but he listened to my complaints and we agreed how progress might be made. He reflected my initial comment, attributed rightly or wrongly to eddievanbitz , that things tend to go wrong when work is done rather than when vehicles "stand on the drive". However, the corollary is that if you notice something wrong at home, it was probably caused at the workshop.

So fingers crossed I now have a fully functioning device. I shall try it on gas tomorrow as I'd already sat around for 4 hours and didn't want the workshop spending yet another 2 hours while I was in the shop reading my book.


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