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    Lifted from another webpage..

    I have just read of a local town where the French equivalent of yellow lines are about to be installed. Could this be my excuse to overstay my welcome, pick up a hefty fine, shout loudly, wave my arms in the air, stamp my feet…

    Well, no. What is being introduced is a “zone bleue”, whereby parking spaces are marked out in blue paint and there is a requirement for motorists to display a cardboard clock in the windscreen, with the hands set at the hour of arrival. There’s no parking charge, but there is a limit of an hour and a half –after which the driver is indeed subject to a parking ticket and consequent fine.

    The zone will be administered by the town’s two resident police officers, who will be responsible for issuing tickets – or warnings for the first couple of months. The longer serving of the two, who has been in the town since 1983, remembers when there was a restricted parking zone in 1995. “We were called all sorts of names”, he said, “but we carried on with our job.” In those days, he told the local newspaper, tickets were issued by hand, and sometimes he could issue 40 in a single day. With today’s technology, things are simpler and he could easily issue more, “but people are already prepared”, he added. “People are vacating parking spaces and many already have their blue discs displayed.”

    So am I tempted to visit the town and leave my car for two hours for old times’ sake? Not really. I rarely spend more than an hour shopping at the best of times, and to cap it all, the fine is a measly 17 Euros – hardly worth fighting an appeal for.

    It could be increased, however, to 35 Euros if the driver is irritating or abusive…
    No. I’ve been out of the rat race for too long now. My blood pressure is at a healthy level and I see no reason to disturb that.
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    If no Aire available we often park in supermarket car parks in France. They do not have that " 2 hour then clamped or fined " rule he he :thumb:
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    I remember so well the introduction of a "Disc Parking Zone" in Birkenhead many years ago. In the town centre only, a free disc displaying the time of arrival entitled the owner to park for up to two hours free of charge. Much heralded at the time as the "continental system", alas has of course been replaced with Pay and Display.
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    Balma (next to Toulouse) France
    Been on for years and years ... I remember as a child my father putting the clock to say how long he would stay .

    It is on here in my town and we b****y get fined if we "locals" don't say how long we're staying!!!! I don't think that foreigners would be fined though . I suggest that ...-just in case- you write the time you arrived on a piece of paper.... careful with 24h system !!!!

    So if it is 2.30pm than it will be 14H30 !

    I 'll ask to local police when I'll meet them . They're quite often around the stadium:thumb:


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    Quinta Majay, Pinheiro Bordalo, Portugal
    Had a similar system in Bath years ago...

    If I remember correctly the council awarded a contract to manage the city's car parking to a French company for a few years...

    JJ :Cool:
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    Norfolk and Toftir.
    We have to display a clock in the Faroes when parking in town but the local jobsworth struck one year in Lerwick where we travelled to catch the ferry for the Faroes one year. Despite the fact that the system didn’t appear to be in use in the Shetlands, and we saw no other vehicle with a clock, on our return to the car there on the windscreen was a note saying “if you have a clock you must display your time of arrival” :Doh:

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