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    Hi.......I have put two links below, one is for the "French Connection" internet news paper in and around France, written in English which will keep you up to date....(we also get the Connection paper delivered to our home in France every month and pay for that its a very good paper with lots of info).........But this is a link to the internet one which is will get a weekly email with the latest connection news sign up for it, it is free...this will give you something to do and interesting reading about France in these cold wintery days, also information for the people coming over to France for a holiday or to live.

    One of the reasons I have put the link on is for the cross border information being passed between European countries for people .....Speeding, .....Running red lights..and other motoring offences that will come into force by 2013:Eeek::Angry::Doh:.......but read it you’re self…….I think the column is on the front page

    The next link is for the "French Entree"....this is another one you can join but I am not sure if it is a weekly, or a fortnightly or a monthly.......but also has lots of info on France, what’s is happening now and in the future,…I just use it now and again.

    Happy reading......also may be good on your ?? What are they called Kindle.......eBook’s

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