Free voicemail for smart phones (UK use ONLY!)

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Minxy Girl, Jul 21, 2012.

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    Not specifically about 'motorhomes' per se, but one problem we have when out and about in our motorhome in the UK is not getting important phone calls/messages as we tend not to take our phones with us all the time - yes we could use our provider's voicemail but we're with T-Mobile and they charge you for retrieving it so we don't use it.

    The good news is that hubby has just found out about a free voicemail sevice for mobile phones - hullomail - it uses your internet/data allowance to provide you with voicemail - there's no charge however you do get some 'ads' showing when you go to your voicemail, but these are very small (2 lines at the top of the screen) so aren't a problem. You can also opt to have details of the messages sent to your email too FOC - I've not activated this so am not sure how it works. You can upgrade for £5.99 for a year which stops these adverts and also gives some other benefits too if you want them.

    We've just set it up on our phones and it works a treat - on your smart phone just go onto the internet and search for: hullomail

    Make sure you select the 'free' version, then download it, set it up and off you go.

    The only cost you'll get is if you constantly use up your monthly data allowance as this is internet based so comes off your allowance. As we rarely use the internet on our phone we don't have a problem with this at all.

    Forgot to mention why I've said for UK use only - as it comes off your internet/data allowance if you use it abroad it will cost you a packet!!!:Eeek:

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