Free camping in Germany.

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    My autumn trek this year was a little different to my usual trips, which are usually to France, Italy and Spain.

    We started this years journey at Newcastle, taking the ferry to Ijmuden (Amsterdam). From Holland, down through Belgium to Germany. We then travelled down the Moselle, cross country to the Rhine, and then up the Rhine. We then travelled to the North German coast, and did a tour of the Baltic ports, back to Holland, and then home.

    We took with us the 'Bord Atlas 2010 Deutche Stellplatze' guide.

    This book is very similar to the 'All the Aires' French book. It lists many hundreds of sites, the vast majority of which are free.

    The German Stellplatze are broadly similar to the Aires, though most take more vans. They are in general, like small campsites, and again, most have electricity water, and emptying facilities. They appear to be well looked after and maintained, and are sited near to town centres, and beauty spots.

    The bonus in Germany is that there appear to be (in most cases) no limit to the time you may stay there.

    In short, there are far more than in France, often two or more in the larger towns, they have excellent facilities, and are easily found.

    I was absolutely astonished at the sheer number of them. Along the Moselle and Rhine, there were sites, either side of the river, every couple of miles! The north German coast/Baltic coast also had literally dozens to choose from. We did not come across a site which was full, though all were well attended.

    The book, which is from Vicarious, came with two free guides covering Belgium Holland and Denmark, though there were fewer sites in these countries.

    We spent 5 Weeks in Germany, and only 3 nights on sites, when we simply had to have showers!! The remainder was spent on beautiful Stellplatze, where camping was free, and electricity, if needed was only a euro or so for the night!

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    Yes indeed, Germany is great for Stelptaz .. :thumb:

    download Sat Nav POIs and buy the book here

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