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    Last summer my Brother and I cycled up the west coast of France from the Spanish border to Roscoff. It is an established route known as the Velodyssey and the greater part of it is on cycle paths away from traffic. This makes it attractive for those not used to cycling in traffic and most of it is pretty flat as well - which is an added bonus for the infrequent cyclist.

    I wrote an account of the trip which I have recently added to my own Blog although it was originally published on a cycling website which is an interesting site if you want to read accounts of people making some epic journeys, against which our little trip hardly ranks.

    Parts of the route would be very suitable for anyone motorhoming in this part of France who wants to go for short or day long rides along the path. The bits around Cap Breton, Lacanau Ocean and then the long stretch from Nantes to Carhaix Plouguer along the side of the Nantes-Brest canal are all easy cycling with attractive scenery. We were loaded down with camping gear so even the little hills were a bit of a struggle but without luggage it is very pleasant cycling.

    The Nantes-Brest canal is quite good for motorhoming too, as the picture below shows. They are not established aires having no facilities but in lots of places where a road went over the canal there were places to park and these were quite popular but not too crowded in June.

    Our story of the trip is here:
    It may take a while to load. I'm not sure why.

    A short video of parts of the trip, shot in glorious "wobble-cam" is below:

    [ame=""]Cycling up the West Coast of France - The Velodyssey - - YouTube[/ame]
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