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  1. GeoffH


    Jun 26, 2012
    M/ch UK
    Hi to all who can help.
    Hope to leave the UK in august for few years. Starting Calais and hope to hug the coastline. Can anyone tell me best way to do it without spending a fortune on campsites. Also best route and where to avoid. Have kayaks so would like to stop at lakes also. Where is best snorlkling places? anything you can tellus will be more than welcome. Spain will follow through winter so best places there for warm wheather. I an sure you get my drift so hope to hear from all you people with your experience.
  2. Popeye

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    Sep 5, 2011
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    Well parts of the Brittany coastline are brilliant for scuba and good for snorkelling but Atlantic swell can be dangerous, so choose carefully. A bit like the North coast of Cornwall.

    I would say the same to a lesser extent for kayaks.
  3. Barclaybasher

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    Apr 13, 2012
    Just got back from France, usually we have a destination in mind but this time decided to travel less but see more. We took the roads closest to the coast from Calais and headed towards the D-day beaches - lovely little villlages and views. Limited driving to an hour or two before stopping, plenty of aires and campsites, didn't book any - always room. In 5 days we only got as far as Gold Beach before HWMBO decided she needed to get home, a couple of hours back to LeHavre, stayed overnight - next day 3 hours on dual carriageway back to Calais. Less miles, less fuel but much more relaxing.
    You have the time - take it - Bon Voyage!!
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    Oct 11, 2010
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    I'd suggest looking for coastal aires camping-car where you pay little or nothing after the holiday season is over. The best online source is the French site

    I'd imagine Brittany's Cote de Granit Rose (Pink Granite Coast) would make for some interesting snorkelling. There's a good aire there at Tregastel-Plage. Other coastal aires that spring to mind (in no particular order) include Lacanau-Ocean/Le Huga (with another lakeside aire nearby), Biscarrosse-Plage, La Palmyre (huge tidal lagoon called Bonne Anse close by), St Guenole (close to Pointe de la Torche, Brittany), the 5 small aires dotted around Le Croisic, Arzon-Kerjouanno, Anglet or Biarritz Ave Milady out of season, and any of the 3 aires on the Ile D'Oleron. Also, Port Blanc on the Quiberon peninsula.

    Quite a few of the above are covered on my own modest online offering - click the link in my signature below.
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    Sep 23, 2008
    roche cornwall
    hi as said just follow the coast .we play a game .if there is a road between you and the coast you are on the wrong road.
    you can nd up in a farmers field but who cares . english channel is ok for snorkelling . but atlantic get surf . there are somr good places but every day is different . just stay on the coast .the ferry at royan is expensive but saves along drive.
    but top coast of spain and round galecia is fantastic . possibly my favourite plaer in the whole world.
    i suggest you get a surfboard .even if its only a cornish wooden belly board .loads of surf beaches . i never go anywhere with out a belly board . google them if you dont know what i mean. but really snorkelling is for the med .
    you can get quiet days on the atlantic but few and far between, have fun we do.
    for spain and portugal get a cepsa mapamax map. it shows all the names of the little coves etc that most maps dont show . plus the storm guide book as well .by low pressure publishing .

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