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Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by mani01, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. mani01

    mani01 Deleted User

    hi all,
    We have tentative plans being formulated to visit the bordeaux area of france and black forest area of germany, but not both at the same time

    any advice that can be given about motorhoming in the black forest area of germany will be gratefully received. i feel a bit awkward about staying on sites as i'm not yet convinced that spending a tenner+ a night for resting my wheels on a piece of grass is quite 'value for money', but i'm yet to make up my mind on that question... :RollEyes: i may be a candidate for the stellplatz? - does anyone know of any good ones in the border area of strasbourg ?

    cheers al
  2. 2escapees

    2escapees Deleted User

    For France you'll find a book called Aires de Service in almost every Maison de Press. Anyone in a rural area or small town will be fine.
  3. gazza

    gazza Deleted User

    for germany the book bord atlas is the one to get listing allgerman stellplatz. As far as strassbourg Ive done some research and there are two stellplatz in kehl just over the border in germany. There is a bus straight to strassbourg for a couple of euros.
    one stellplatz in kehl is at schwimbadstrasse 1. and the other one is a bit further out at an den sportanlagen 1. 6 euro at both.
    dont know anymore info but ill let you know when i get back from my trip next month as I intend staying there
  4. haganap

    haganap Funster Life Member

    Dec 5, 2007
    Cheshire- England
    We have been to both the Black Forest and Bordeaux area using both sites and stellplaz/aires.
    We like to go surfing in the summer and there is a fantastic aire at soustons right on the beach. Triburg has a nice stelplaz all undercover. Mostly its a case as has been mentioned, trial and error with a few good books, aire de camping car is my favourite.
  5. mani01

    mani01 Deleted User

    thanks for all the suggestions chaps and chapesses !

    i'll be looking up those books when i get there unless they are available
    in the uk too ?

    cheers, al
  6. gazza

    gazza Deleted User


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