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    Oct 7, 2008
    Just some of the photos from our very late trip in France down the Atlantic side from the 4th of October to the 4th of November 2009. In the Bordeaux region
    These photos are about the 30th of October on a small free aire just outside the lovely village of
    St Front la 61 in the English Aires bible "all the Aires France"
    The plane in the blue sky will be one of our Brit jet set neighbours returning home after there annual 1 or 2 weeks Holliday. What a shame..........I / we have been away in the motorhome just over 4 MONTHS this year...3 as individual months and the rest in weeks and week ends...out of all that time we have only had 3 to 4 DAYS rain, now I can not grumble at that.
    The lovely aire in the photos is free site, free electric (2 points) free water and drop off point and lovely clean toilette and wash bowl.......we found most of the free aires BETTER than the ones we were paying 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 Euros for per night.
    Also free mushrooms… I picked 3 carrier bags of mushrooms just outside the door the field was full of them as it was on many of the other sites we visited…must have been the right time of year…Mmmmmmmm lovely

    On site there is a Basket ball pitch/ground enclosed in with a fence and a small running track for all you fit funsters !!!!!?????
    And yes the temp is correct and it was not in full sun taken about 12.30 mid day and yes it did go up to 100f in the afternoon.

    St-Front  La Riviere .thurs.29-10-09 005.jpg

    St-Front  La Riviere .thurs.29-10-09 006.jpg

    St-Front  La Riviere .thurs.29-10-09 010.jpg

    St-Front  La Riviere .thurs.29-10-09 013.jpg

    St-Front  La Riviere .thurs.29-10-09 017.jpg

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