Flying out to pick up van in Spain

Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by keithfal, Oct 15, 2010.

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    Hi Funsters, Tried searching but couldnt find anything on POSSIBLE PROBLEMS :Sad: with me and the wife flying out to pick up our van in Northern Spain (near Santiago de Compo) where my daughter and son-in-law would meet us after driving the van out from the UK. He's a professional driver with years of van driving on the continent.

    Obviously insurance needs to be covered but what about the immigration procedures as we arrive leave france and arrive in Dover - we got well and truly searched in Roscoff a couple of months ago - they even checked the toilet compartment. Dont want to be turned away as an illegal traveller in my own country:Doh:

    Oh we plan on doing the trip next Easter (they will travel out) and we will pick up the van two weeks later and drive slowly back through Spain, Portugal and france.:Smile:
    Any comments or experiences would help with the planning
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    really cant see any problems as long as your documents are in order at the french port.

    at dover you may be picked at random to be searched but no problem if you are not carrying anything you shouldnt be.

    we havent sailed from calais but at dunkirk you are subject to a quick search just before the port buildings.
    basically just a check for illegals hiding in the van....lockers (inside :Eeek: and outside), toilet, wardrobe, underneath etc....they arent bothered about fags and booze at this point, just bodies.
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    just make sure your son has a letter from you saying that he has your permission to use the campervan. This has to go with the registration document as that won't be in his name.

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