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After two failed attempts to get the coach in for it's MOT, I've established that we have a problem with the 'fly by wire' throttle/cruise system.

Thanks to Simon at Travelworld for his help in getting the coach driveable at least to get it in for the MOT (passed) without too much drama, but I still have a non/partially working system.

The Monaco uses a Cruise King fly by wire which basically consists of a three wire throttle which sends information to the circuit board on the Cruise King which in turn interfaces with the ECM and (ultimately) gearbox ECM and finally tells the Actuator (stepper motor) what to do with the throttle linkage.

It seems that the actuator is 'sticking' and needs to have a kick start in order to work which would indicate that the brushes are worn or dirty. All of the electronics seem to be functioning OK (the LED's sealed inside the box (go figure!) all do what they appear to have to do to indicate that the operation is normal) but the stepper motor SEEMS to be the stumbling block.

Has anybody had any experience of this system (Cruise King 2600), does anybody have a spare in their shed, does anybody know anybody who definitely has the ability to diagnose/fix the problem, has anybody had experience of replacing (retro fitting) an alternative system?

Desperate help needed on this one please. Cruise King can ship a replacement motor/actuator (exhorbitant price plus shipping), have been offered a retro-fit alternative by someone 'who has never been beaten' by this type of problem.


Will a new actuator prompt the failure of the circuit board (based on experience of other similar issues)?

Can the retro-fit get around of the complex requirements of the communication with the ECM's of the engine management and/or gearbox?


The whole kit and kaboodle is fitted to our 1996 Monaco Windsor and was only fitted to Monaco coaches for two years before being replaced with (?????).

Your thoughts would be appreciated.


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Hi Foggy

It might be worth chewing this one over with Dave Evans if you haven't already...... 07968 429111 :Smile:


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Thanks Looby Lou,

I have already had a chat with Dave, who was very, very helpful but he isn't able to come to us and we can't get the coach to him.

I am currently still in a bit of a quandry about this and still can't think which is the best solution.


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Just to let everyone know, I stripped out the Cruise King and took it to my local auto electrician in Lincoln who now has 'god' status.

Although the actuator motor is a sealed unit, he unsealed it and replaced the bearings, serviced and cleaned it and, I am pleased to report, seems to have fixed it.

I have re-installed the unit in the coach and everything appears to be working as it should. The cost?... one fifth of the price of a new unit!!!

Thank you Electromec of Lincoln.

Mike and Jill.

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Must be one hell of a ride flying by wire with no seat.

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