Flood aftermath and not getting stuck on site

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    We've just had a few days at Corbridge - C&CC THS at Tynedale Rugby Club. I knew that some of Corbridge had been flooded by Storm Desmond but forgot that it included the rugby field (and the adjacent cricket field) until the steward mentioned that the ground was surprisingly firm when we booked in.

    I took some photos from the top of the embankment which had been overwhelmed by the river - amazing to think what a volume of water there must have been (despite seeing footage on the TV). Some nearby properties (and the club houses) are still being repaired, there is debris in the trees and up against the bridge and deposits of river sand high up on the banks.

    It got rather wet yesterday afternoon and overnight but we had no problems driving off this morning. The ground is really well draining despite having been saturated only a few months ago.
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