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    Hi all, Garry and Linda here, we are off on a 3 week jaunt to northern France area, and coming back mid December to pick up the trailer to continue our winter sojourn. (See i can speak fluent french already[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    We caught the midnight ferry from Dover to Calais [​IMG] last friday night and got to Calais about 0300 and made for the Aire at citi europe nr the euro tunnel entrance for the rest of the night, but Linda was keeping me awake by doing DIY at 0400 in the F******g morning, ( wow, never have to do my own DIY again[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] when she's not cooking that is [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]. Linda will be having her say later when she has finished her current dIY project and all her chores[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    We got up at about 10am and went over to city Europe shopping center for a few a bits and to top up Linda's French internet dongle for 20 Euros for 1 months unlimited use (normal) so we could get on the net anywhere in France
    Got going about 1300 and headed to free Aire at Berck about 50mls away and arrived about 1500hrs after nice little poodle along the French A16 and the national road. Arrived to find NO water, as tap had been turned off for the winter on this particular Aire, but it is free after 31st Oct until 1st March 13.
    During the night we must have had the tail end of the US Hurricane of last week and was battered worse than a bit of cod and kept us awake most of the night so we woke up bleary eyed after 2 nights of not much sleep, but the Aire itself was ok and right by a massive sandy beach (behind the dunes) and went on for miles each way, but the sea state was horrendous still with 10/15' waves breaking onto the beach.
    We set off at the crack of 1300 again and traveled 15MLS TO OUr NEXT aIRE AT Fort Mahon where we were able to fill with water to hearts content, the Aire is massive and can take about 100 euro boxes but plenty of room for the biggest RV rig even with a trailer on at this time of year as it was almost empty, had drive over grey water dump point but black tank dump was not available at all except the public toilets in the square 20 yds away but has sit on toilet and a footprint toilet as well so you could use a macerator there if you needed to, also the entrance is no problem whatsever for big rigs so good place for RV stopover, and right in middle of town and 500yds from another beautiful beach.
    We overnighted there and set off at the crack of 1300 again (CANT SEEM TO GET UP IN THE MORNING)[​IMG] and set off for the 73mls to our current Aire at a beautiful place called St Valery en Caux in Normandy which is right on the Quayside overlooking the sea (fabulous). I will try and get Linda to put up some pics when she learns how to do it when i give her time of from her DIY jobs and other duties[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG].
    Just enjoying a few days relaxing here in the local cafe and chatting up the girls in the local tourist office[​IMG].
    Ok folks all for now will try and get some photos to you asap
    Regrads Garry and Linda
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    Thanks for the post enjoy your twavels in france.
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    Sutton on Sea
    Hi Gary and Linda, have a great winter, and keep the reports coming:thumb:
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    Quinta Majay, Pinheiro Bordalo, Portugal
    50 miles, 15 miles and 73 miles...

    That is some going!

    I take it you have only filled up twice then?

    Might not see you at the Chicken Run (should you be heading that way) as I might only have a couple or three months down in the Algarve and you won't have made it down there in such a short time... :Rofl1: :Rofl1: :Rofl1:

    JJ :Cool:

    PS. Please keep us informed of your trip. It is great to read about motorhoming here (even if it is a RV.)
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    Hi Both , sounds like you are having a great time with very relaxing mornings, just wondering what the DIY projects are :Rofl1::Rofl1:

    When we have stayed at Fort Mahon last time was sept this year, there is definitely a black dump, it is where you drive over to empty your grey waste and fill with fresh water are, it is a lift up drain dump type thingy if I remember correctly ... only mentioning as you may come across it again and nothing worse than having a full cassette :RollEyes::RollEyes::RollEyes:

    Where/what /how did you get the internet dongle fix

    Safe journeys and thanx for posting

    Kath n john x
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    Correze France
    Hi both

    Glad you have arrived safely in La Belle France :BigGrin: but the weather has not been great in the north . Not a lot better than the UK :cry:

    Seems Linda is keeping you in order :Rofl1: someone had too !!!

    We are off to Oz on Sunday so happy winter traveling and will log on when we can . Van is tucked up in a hanger for this winter

    Pam & Bill

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