Flat spot 2nd Gear... Fiat 2.3

Discussion in 'Fiat' started by Fletton, Sep 27, 2016.

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    Hi peeps

    Bought Moho new in April 15...

    It's the bog basic motor (2.3) and manual shift..

    Covered circa 11.5k....

    I'm a "light footed" driver... And have noticed of late that there is a definite flat spot when I change from 1st to 2nd... I have to depress the pedal quite a way to get any response from 2nd gear... Whereas that was not the case originally.

    I am also thinking it's begining to occur when shifting up to 3rd too..

    If I drive it "hard".. Obviously it is not then noticeable...

    Anyone any idea if this is an up and coming issue that requires me to take it and get it checked by someone before something gives up?....

    John T
  2. Wickolad


    Sep 10, 2013
    Hi John, I'm no expert by any sense of the word but can pass on the advice I was given by my brother in law who's been mechanic for the last 30+ years.
    That is that the modern diesels need a good run now and again to engage their cleaning cycle, which generally comes in after around 10-15 minutes of driving over 2000 rpm or was it 2500, apparently different vehicles have different parameters. Anyway, you must maintain revs above that rate for 10 or 15 minutes during which the engine burns the carbon off the diesel particulate filter and helps decoking. If the dp filter clogs up it a very expensive part to replace and causes loss of power and limp mode. I usually put a diesel particulate filter cleaner additive to a tank of fuel a couple times a year if going on a long journey, I also regularly add a diesel additive to clean the injectors and diesel system to the tank every couple of months. When I first got my MH it would kick out black smoke from the exhaust when it was put under pressure but now, it is totally clear.
    I was told that all the coking up of injectors and filters occurs when only doing short journeys and when driving with too light a foot, it doesn't allow the engine to get hot enough to burn off the rubbish. A good blast now and again will do the job. It doesn't mean you have to do 70mph down the motorway, just hold back on a gear change, let it do 3000revs for half an hour in 4th instead of 5th or 6th gear 1900revs which won't activate the system cleaning mode.
    Try the diesel system addive, I use Wynns, and the DP filter cleaner additive in alternate tanks or half tanks of fuel and give it a good run. You'll probably find it starts to run a lot better and a lot cleaner. Hope this helps.
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