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Discussion in 'Chausson' started by Craig Rogers, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. Craig Rogers

    Craig Rogers

    Nov 9, 2011
    Midlands, UK (Welsh!)
    There's been some confusion over the cab and leisure batteries and their charging and possibly can now shed some light.

    I've always been told that EHU doesn't charge the cab battery on my Flash 03. However, there are also 2 types of Transit base, the FWD with a single Cab battery and the RWD that (I think) comes as standard with the 2 Cab (one is actually a leisure) batteries.

    It appears that if you have the 2 battery install, the actual "engine" battery doesn't get charged. I was also told that the Cab battery on my single battery install doesn't get charged............however, the MH has been on EHU since last Sunday and the control panel was showing the cab battery as 2/3rds charged on when it was parked up. Looked today and both leisure and cab are showing fully charged.

    So I can only worked out that Chaussons fitted with a single battery Transit base does indeed charge the cab battery.

    Of course, unless the Electric Fairies have visited. :thumb:
  2. jonandshell

    jonandshell Funster

    Dec 12, 2010
    Having observed ours, there is a fused cable from the automotive battery which provides initial power to the CBE distribution panel for the purposes of switching on the caravan electrics.
    I reckon when on EHU, the voltage applied to the caravan electrics exceeds the automotive battery, therefore feeding a charging current back down the cable. How this is done in the CBE panel, I haven't a clue, although in our old Elddis, a similar CBE distribution board actually had a transistor which shorted across the split charge relay, charging the automotive battery, when the leisure battery was fully charged.
    By the way, on our twin battery Transit, our starter battery is charged when on EHU. It must be done by the fused cable connected to it as described above!

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