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  1. monzer


    May 17, 2016
    Hi folks. Hope you are all well.

    I have sourced a F45s privacy room from a nice chap @Vadre Smith and after parcelforce having no idea where they had put it, suggesting it would be better for me to start a 'lost item' compensation claim and then over a week later delivering said item back to its pick-up address it finally looks like it may be coming my way. (y)

    Rant over..... I still have to source a F45s awning and can't find anything suitable on ebay so I am tempted to go with my local Fiamma dealer however they are charging £200 for fitting (including taking the old awning off). I am wondering if anyone has fitted an awning before? By what I have read on the subject it is vitally important that they are fitted plumb and level and I believe they are supplied with various shims to achieve this.

    Do you think it is a job that could be done myself (I am fairly competent with D.I.Y and should have any tools needed at my work) or is it better to shell out the extra and have it done at the dealers?

    Also, if I do it myself will this affect any warranty?

    Thanks in advance
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    Sep 26, 2008
    They want £200 !! Jeez !!!
    OK, if the old awning is a Fiamma all you will have to do is undo the little screws on the bottom of it, tip the bottom out and lift off.
    Refit the new one on the same brackets
    If the old one is oddball use the above method to remove it, undo the bolts holding the plates in place and remove them
    Fit the new brackets back in the same place with a decent smear of Sikoflex on the back of said plates to ensure water tightness..
    Fit new awning as above
    Even if they have to drill holes it, run a power cable to the van, sit and have a cuppa, discuss the weather and pick their noses, it should still take no more than an hour tops
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