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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by DUKEMAN358, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. DUKEMAN358


    Oct 27, 2011
    After sorting the MH, having a toward fitted and getting a trailer, I finally did the first outing to Brands Hatch last week carrying my mates and my Ducatis for a track day. The websites for the tracks run by MSV give loads of information but not much about the site for camping within the wire!

    On arrival I was surprised just to be let in by security and so we just drove in and had a look around. The main paddock area is absolutely bristling with hook up points and a toilet/shower block. The pit area also has loads of hook ups but we decided to go back to the paddock as I knew loads of vans etc would be arriving through the night. Just as well as when I looked out it was full and if we wanted to get away early, we would have been pinned in.

    A good decision despite the distance to the garages but we didn't need anything from the van. Overall a great. Experience and we picked a nice quiet area for a night! Next week two nights at Snetterton
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  2. jimothy


    Apr 12, 2012
    Sounds great. I do a similar thing - my brother races in the MG Metro cup ::bigsmile: so I provide accommodation on race weekends (main reason I got the van initially).

    I too was surprised when you can just drive straight through the gate and into the paddock, with not a ticket or pass asked for.

    We've done Donnington, Brands, and was at Mallory last weekend. We thought Brands was an excellent venue having never been before. Silverstone on the GP circuit in a couple of weeks. Excited about that one!

    Warning: if you do Mallory Park - the gate nazi's are not so accommodating! A real jobsworth - to the extent that my bro was up front in the Octavia with the Metro on trailer, with the paddock passes. Sensibly he says that me in the motorhome behind are with him, and hands both our vehicle passes over. The guy tears off Phil's ticket, and gives my one back un-ripped. Phil had to come over to me, hand me the pass, so the guy with the clipboard could come over and take the ticket from me, tear it, and give it back. He was taking names that day. What a grumpy git! We'd also given away all the complimentary tickets to friends/family as we'd not needed them in the previous tracks - so we had to scrounge spare tickets from other drivers to get in!

    I may be investing in a generator, as the Metros are pretty low down in the MG car club pecking order, and all the EHU's tend to go to the more expensive race series ::bigsmile: All good fun!

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