First 'real' outing in the 5er

Discussion in 'Fifth Wheelers' started by Maverick355, Jun 14, 2013.

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    Preston, Lancashire
    Hi all,

    Not posted for a while, but thought Id let you know about our first 'real' outing with the 5er last weekend.
    Had the unit since last September but it was on a seasonal pitch in Lincolnshire, paid for until the end of the year so we took advantage of that and left it there. Loved travelling over to stay in it (were from Preston) and got used to all the features of the 5er, ironed out a few bugs etc last year.

    Took it to Northampton in December for a brake / wheel bearing service and a few other jobs to fix, at Angle American Motor Company in Brixworth (Winnebago 5th wheel agents - very professional place, multiple 50+ foot long service bays with ramps that can take 5ers, A-class etc - not seen that anywhere else!).

    Anyway, one thing and another and we were in late May before I could pick it up. So, our first 'real' outing (i.e. towing it to the campsite, setting up, etc) was last weekend. Decided not to go too far from home 'just in case!...' so went to Riverside Holiday Park near Southport. We had a super pitch booked but a mix up in the bookings (!) meant we didnt get one of those and in the end we opted for a grass pitch at the far end of the site. Grass was OK as the weather was fabulous and the ground was hard.

    We stayed Friday through Monday and needless to say we had a perfect weekend. Our 3 year old Alfie loved every minute and having a big field virtually to himself was great fun.
    Were going back again in a couple of weeks for a full week and then plan to go further afield in August and September.

    Definately the best thing weve ever done as a family (getting the 5er) and were loving the whole experience!


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    spain 6 mths england 6 mt

    So nice to hear something positive about a 5er. Thinking of getting one but only hear negative things from people who don't have them.
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    We love ours Suse - been travelling for 6 months now and it gets better and better - have a look at my blog here -
    Any questions - feel free to ask - safe and happy travels :thumb:

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    Ramsey, Isle of Man.
    And I am getting to grips with mine too. Ironed out all the little niggly things, personalised it, and have been using it locally and love it. I think it's far better for us at the moment, as opposed to the previous Winnebago we had.
    Nothing wrong with that, just family circumstances meant we had to change.
    So nice to have transport when on site too.
    We are off to Spain next september, for the winter, so will give it a real work out then.
    Tows a dream also.


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