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Discussion in 'UK Touring' started by monzer, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. monzer

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    May 17, 2016
    Hi all. Hope the weather where ever you are has been much the same as I have had here in Edinburgh. Nice and warm, maybe a bit too much of a breeze down on the beach but can't complain as the weather when I left Aberdeen was shocking, flash floods back again seemingly.

    Anyway, I have a stag do tonight in the town centre so decided it was the perfect excuse to take the camper on its first trip. I booked in to Edinburgh caravan club site and I really like it. I'm wanting to take a bit of time off work and take the camper over on to the continent at some point so was really hoping I would enjoy this mini-trip as to not put me off. I really have, I could get used to this kind of life! The site is really nice, friendly staff, really tidy. My mum was visiting with the dog (see pic) and first we went for a nice walk along the beach front which is a stones throw from the site and there is also a nice woodland walk at the far end of the site. It is really nice.

    I have also been using this trip to get used to all the stuff on the camper that you guys probably take for granted. I got my TV going, didn't even have to use the aerial I bought from Argos. Switched on the booster and tuned it in to find 21 channels. Well chuffed, obviously the signal at my house where I have tried it before is crap so wouldn't pick up anything. Got down to the dirty stuff and added the chemical stuff in to the tank and as many on here will be excited to know I have just had my first poop..... Easy!! Bought a 10m length of hose from the wee shoppie and the right connectors for the mains supply so the main water tank is full up. Got the gas connected and made mither a nice cup of coffee with my new whistling kettle! Checked the gas heater and seems to be working fine. All good!

    That is apart from one thing. Can't seem to get the boiler going. Gas is on, water pump is on, I can here the boiler firing up and the green light is on the cascade control unit but can't seem to get hot enough water out of any taps/shower. Any ideas? There seemed to be a few airlocks in it but I think I have cleared it with a few splurts out the hot tap on the sink. It was getting warmish but then cold again and the shower would never be hot enough to use. I'll put a pic of my cascade unit up.

    Anyway apart from the boiler I have had a great trip and have been loving it. Roll on the next one!

    Thanks for reading.

    Here's me and my mums dog 'Sherpa'

    This is my cascade control unit for the boiler. When I switch it on the left hand light goes green which I think means it is working fine but I can't get any hot water. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    May 31, 2015
    Sounds like your getting there all on your own and having fun....
    As for boiler you may have to run taps for a while to get all air out before putting boiler on, you may have a thermostat for water temp somewhere..? How are you heating the water, gas or are you on hook-up...?

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