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    We were away for the weekend when we learnt of this devastating news and my first thoughts were I prayed nobody had been hurt and that any damage to their premises was minimal. Fortunately, nobody was hurt but sadly, the damage has been extensive! I do not know the exact extent of the damage incurred but when I spoke to Dean's lovely wife on the phone yesterday, she was distraught and close to tears but I gather the workshop has been completed destroyed in the fire! Dean's exact words to me in a text were that "10 years of hard work and memories have gone up in flames!"

    I am heartbroken for this lovely family and all of the team at Camper UK as they have indeed all worked so very hard to build their business to what it is today! They are a genuine family run concern, who truly do genuinely care about their customers. They offer so much more than just selling someone a motorhome or caravan! So much so, that many of their happy customers end up seeing the Camper UK team not just as their motorhome dealers but also as good friends too!

    However, I always try to look on the bright side of life and I believe that Camper UK will soon pick themselves up and be back on track again! I think they will be amazed by all the support and loyalty they will receive from their customers both old and new and despite this terrible turn of events, they will become better and stronger as a result!

    I will keep you all posted of any news or information but in the meantime, I've copied and pasted this announcement from Camper UK's Facebook page:

    "It is with great regret that we have to inform all of our valued customers and followers of a serious fire at our Station Road facility. We would like to thank people for their support and messages of condolence. Please bear with us during this difficult time and full details will follow as they become available."

    Sue & Gilbert
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  2. LickeyEndBlues


    Oct 25, 2011
    I read about this yesterday. Sad indeed. They were due to move to a new facility; hopefully some of their kit was already there.
    We bought our van from them in December and found the whole experience fabulous.
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    Oct 12, 2012
    Very sad - at least no one was hurt . . . Hope to see them up an running at their new site very soon.
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    Been there and done it 10 years ago when Johns Cross burnt down so I know the feelings.

    Camper UK, the best dealer up norfish, long may they prosper and Dean will soon be back on his feet:thumb:

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  5. Philiphall


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    Hi i drove past the site about 30 minutes ago the building is completely gutted - however from what I could see from the road most of the camper vans seems to have escaped damage. I know they were shortly due to move to their new premises on Outer Circle drive on the other side of Lincoln so hopefully that will go ahead as planned.

    I had my van in their workshop in December for some minor repairs and can only say their service was brilliant!

    here are the local papers photos not good viewing Im afraid:
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