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Nov 17, 2013
Edinburgh United Kingdom
Funster No
Wildax Elara
since 2004
When we installed the 2x100amp NDS lithiums to our Mercedes Wildax Elara, we installed lithium profiled b2b Votronic and NDS MPPT chargers but had just left our CBE516 charger in place, on the basis that we wouldn’t use it that often and even then only for a quick top up if required. This has worked fine for Spring and Summer weather, however now that we are into winter, I’ve found that we needed/wanted a bit more power topup, especially as solar is zero here in Scotland!
So back to Roadpro, who installed a Ctek M25 smart lithium charger for us. The other advantage was that they left our old CBE charger connected to our engine battery which gives it a good charge up when necessary on site. Tested it all for a dull week on site and all working well! Not sure it’s really necessary but that’s our charging regime for the lithium complete.
Off to the Ablemail factory next week to see if Jonathon can programme in a “storage solution“ that copes with a high parasitic Mercedes base vehicle and a dull Scottish winter!

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