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Mark and Mindy

Oct 18, 2017
Nr Bicester
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After yet another trek around the NEC at the weekend, looking at our 3 shortlisted vans - it was 4 but we decided while driving up that one are too expensive generally anyway and so didn't bother with that one.

Our 3 to look at were the Murvi Pimento, Devon Colorado and Autosleeper Symbol:

1. Pimento - first choice on paper and pictures on the website, but in reality didn't like the narrowness of the kitchen, the lack of access from the rear van door into the bathroom as the cassette for the toilet is to the side of the toilet rather than behind and although its a low cabinet there isn't enough room to get past it easily; also didn't like how the foot of the double bed went under a cabinet at one side.

2. Colorado - ticked all the boxes, bathroom was a little smaller than the Pimento but not like we'd be spending much time there, the bed (made up from the front settee/seat) was transverse which worked fine, kitchen although narrow wasn't as claustrophobic as the Pimento and it had a small flap to put down between the bathroom and sink and across the double doors giving extra work surface, the sink was a decent size with a small draining board and separate from the hob as that was a small built in cooker with combined oven/grill. Also had the capability of carrying long items which are a little longer than our cars can take.

3. Symbol - same layout as the Colorado but felt flimsier, some of the catches on the cupboards and bathroom door didn't work properly and we just didn't like the whole "feel" of being inside it!

So, back to the Colorado for another look and then we spent the rest of the day and Sunday discussing it - upshot is that we've gone onto a list with Devon Conversions for a pre-reg van with a new conversion - takes around £10k off the price of a new one, and we've paid a small deposit which is refundable should one not come in within a reasonable time frame.

After a couple of years of discussions, looking at everything under the sun, hours of internet research, reading every post here we've taken the first step of getting our first van! :LOL::LOL:
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Jan 9, 2013
Plympton, Devon
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Was the Pimento on a Transit chassis? They used to do them (and may still do) on the Fiat, which is wider I think. :)

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Nov 2, 2008
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Our last van was a Devon. Good build quality, had it for 10 years and only had 2 screws come loose, had to re seal the sink and a loose connection on one hot water hose.

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