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    Havn't a clue where I got this from, from here? (in that case Many Thanks:thumb:)
    Or perhaps the Fiat Forum?

    Anyway:Doh: I was clearing up the detritus from around my side of the putor, scribbled notes, etc the usual clutter, when I noticed this bit of info penciled on a post it note.

    Phoned the local Fiat Agent, Yes it applies to my motor:Sad: So in it goes next friday:thumb: It's for Fiat Ducatto base vehicles.

    May 2001-April 2002

    Between Chassis #s 6133293 and 6227258

    Fiat recall#R(2003/027

    [HI]Heater fan, risk of fire through short circuit [/HI]

    The last line I had a big question mark against it and can't ,for the life of me remember why I put it there:Doh:
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