Fiat Autoroller 70

Discussion in 'The Beginner' started by Demelza, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Demelza


    Aug 28, 2011
    After a brief flirtation with a couple of lovely Hymers and a Tabbert, none of which turned out to be THE van sadly, today we looked at a Fiat 1999 Autoroller 70 1.9 Turbo diesel. We used the very useful handbook which we bought on here for the check list. Good condition, all appliances in working order, no nasty swellings or bumps, started well, ran well (but on reflection we didn't do any hills on the test drive), mileage seems right for its age.

    Does anyone have any info on these vans? We have now been told that they are not good on hills.

    One other little worry is that the wallpaper was wrinkly in places. There didn't appear to be any damp anywhere. We checked inside cupboards, in corners etc and there was no smell of damp. Wonder if this is a superficial problem or a symptom of something else.

  2. DuxDeluxe

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    Jul 10, 2008
    Planet Zog
    If the wallpaper is wrinkly then I personally would be suspicious. A check with a damp meter would be a really good idea - underneath window seals and right up (and down) in the corners, no matter how inelegant it looks doing it.

    Or pay someone qualified/registered to have a good look at it.

    Be careful and best of luck. Don't hesitate to walk away; there really are a lot of vans out there, despite your lack of luck thus far and it is a buyer's market so haggle for all it is worth:thumb:

    Edit - I don't know the weight but an elderly, pre-common rail diesel isn't going to develop a lot of power and progress will be fairly leisurely at best. Not necessarily a problem as no-one needs to zoom around everywhere at top speed anyway. With a high driving position you see far more anyway.. (ahem, says he with the 3 litre.....:Blush:)
  3. weekenders

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    Apr 30, 2008
    Sold Our Autosleeper and Now Have Hymer 584

    We eventually sold our Autosleeper Executive and picked up our Hymer 584, 2.8JTD great layout and love the fixed bed, no more making beds up at night when your tired or had one 2 many:wine: Got a tow bar but no bike rack,
    May need some advise on the Trauma heating system as not had this set up before, is it good, can you only have the heating on gas? can you have heating on electric, there is a switch inside the wardrobe is this for hot water when on ehu? We are thinking of buying some refillable gas bottles, can anyone recommend any/ price?

    We are off to France on 16th September just for a week, can't wait to try our Hymer out, just smooching around at Brittany for a week, so may bump into any funsters, look out for us, sticker on front drivers side window

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