Fiamma Sun View XL Alternative For Awning Screen

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    Thought we should post this as lots of enquiries about ours at Bagwell ( @Tootles & few more but sorry have forgotten names) - this is the Fiamma Sun View XL:


    This one is the 260 on a 3m Fiamma awning as we wanted a bit of rail space left to attach hangers & straps bought from here for £59.99 plus £5.95 delivery. For a larger size Johns Cross are competitively priced especially with Funster discount (y) see
    As we always seem to have windy weather we wanted to be able to only partially wind out the awning but still have enough useable space so although the Lillypad Windblockers are very good this more rigid waterproof mesh screen which is designed to be pegged at an angle suits us better. We cut the provided strings in half & attached to ladder straps so the strings don't get muddy & now we have a spare set too. The only downsides are that the Sun View is heavier (rubberised mesh) & is better stored rolled so quite bulky so it won't suit everyone. Although it is intended as a shade, being fine mesh it reduces the wind too whilst giving a bit of privacy. Don't know how much rain it stops as when it did it was coming in sideways at Bagwell! :(
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