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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by deb960, Aug 23, 2009.

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    We have a Fiamma F45 awning fitted to our motorhome and have just bought the sides and front to fit.
    It comes with a couple of plastic brackets and know we had to use an allun key to move the legs so that these brackets could fit on so that the poles for the side awning could clip into it. No problem awning went up a treat as did the front panel -very pleased.

    However when trying to put the actual awning away after removing sides/poles etc - it does not fit correctly because of these plastic brackets we had to fit - so had to completely move the legs back to the original position again - which took quite a while - surely we do not have to do this everytime we want to put our awning up?

    I would of thought once the brackets were in place that would be it - took 2 seconds to take the sides/front panel down and another half an hour to sort out the leg (when folded up) positions again - nightmare - help anyone please - have we done something wrong? (Hope so otherwise will get our money back)

    Thanks very much
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    Hi Debbie,

    If you have a 2.5m or 3m awning you do NOT need the brackets so take them off.

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    Hi Deb

    Was the problem that the legs would not stow flat because you had moved them towards the centre and they fouled the retaining brackets?

    If so move the red retaining brackets for the leg ends a similar distance towards the centre this will allow the legs to stow flat against the body of the awning.

  4. deb960

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    Thanks very much - have been advised to remove brackets so will give that a go - thanks again

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