Ferry is booked!

May 8, 2021
Bedford, UK
Funster No
Bailey Alliance SE
Since June 2021
So, originally I was planning a trip round mainland UK and had a plan of routes and stops etc already - thread here -> https://www.motorhomefun.co.uk/foru...-have-5-nights-off-in-october-yay-now.248264/

BUT changed our minds given that the NI protocol on dogs etc has been extended so now the plan is 6 nights in the north of Ireland including a visit to my parents I've not seen for near 2 years and get the pet passports for the dags :)

Ferry booked from Cairnryan - Belfast tomorrow morning and gotta do Bedford to Cairnryan this afternoon / evening! Gonna be a long trip up but worth it!

Course my preferred overnight before the ferry WAS the harbour car park at Stranraer but it appears there's a funfair on until Saturday :-/ Still, there's 2 backups available.