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Aug 5, 2017
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We need to know about official motorhome waving etiquette.

Our moho is a Hymercar PVC with Motorhomefun stickers on front and rear.

Should we wave at all motor caravans including coach built, A Class and PVC or are we only allowed to wave at PVC or should we only wave at all Hymer motorhomes.

Sometimes it can be be difficult to spot an actual PVC motorhome from a distance and have enough time to wave.

Other times we can feel a bit self-conscious being in a PVC and waving forlonely at a massive liner passing by.

Advice please.

We wave at PVC or Coachbuilt also Asda vans and Ambulances, my eyesight is getting worse! :xblink: Don't get many waves back in an RV though!


May 1, 2008
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It is very important to carry out this tradition of "waving" at other motorhomers correctly.

First of all try to establish whether the occupants of the approaching vehicle are of a similar or lower social status to yourself.

Do they look like they went to one of the better public schools and on to Oxford or (heaven forbid) Cambridge?

If so, one should wave in an unenthusiastic manner with a nonchalant, dismissive air simply to display you have noticed their presence. Don't expect a wave back.

If they appear to be from the state system of education without the benefit of a university degree (often detected by the higher value of their newer, smarter, more expensive vans because they have been working hard in paying jobs rather than slobbing around with their chums doing pot and cocaine and waiting for auntie to die for a small Inheritance), wave energetically with a smile but don't expect a wave back if your van isn't as shiny and clean as theirs.

If the approaching van is old, decrepid and slow with a driver wearing a cravat then don't wave... drop your head down for just a moment and touch your fore lock as he is obviously a member of the aristocracy. He won't wave back but might just give you a condescending nod of his head (if he thinks you might be one of his tenants).

But, for goodness sake, don't be rude and ignore them.

You do that when you are on site parked next to them.

JJ :cool:

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