Faulty door locks/alarm - Master panel van conversion

Discussion in 'Renault' started by oldun, Apr 9, 2010.

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    Last November i found that my offside rear door would not shut, something had failed inside the lock inside the door.

    As it was late at night and I was away from home I called the AA. The AA man investigated and found that there was nothing he could do to mend the lock so he removed the locking plate on the near side door. This allowed the door to close and lock at the top and bottom

    The lock was replaced under guarantee (MH bought Jan 2008).

    About a week ago I had exactly the same problem and the lock was again replaced under the guarantee.

    So far so good.

    The day after the last repair my wife entered the van through the (near side) sliding door and the alarm went off. This has happened several times since.Has anyone else had problems with their rear locks?

    I now find that the sliding door does not lock when the remote control is used but the alarm engages.xms?
    3. Can anyone offer a possible solution to the sliding door lock problem?

    Apart from these two minor problems the master has behaved perfectly and I am very impressed with it.
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    Don't know if is the same as one I had we had problems on and off all the time we had it, an old Renault engineer told us to make sure that all the contact points on the doors were clean, seemed to cure our problem and if problems started I just cleaned pads and away it would go.

    Apart from that van was no problems.

    Dave :thumb::thumb:

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