Family of six escape caravan fireball

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    A FAMILY escaped from their car moments before it blew up on the way to Uluru thanks to the quick thinking of one of their four children.

    The family of six were travelling on the Lasseter Highway about 25km west of Curtain Springs

    Police said it was a credit to the boy that he told his parents about the danger and they were able to pull over to the side of the road and escape from their vehicle moments before it and their caravan exploded in flames.

    Grant Amon was driving behind the vehicle, towards Yulara, when the drama erupted, reports the NT News.

    "I was just behind two four-wheel-drives towing vans when the second pulled over to the side of the road on fire," he said.

    "Fortunately the family was able to get out before the fuel tank exploded.

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