External water tank in the snow question


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Nov 4, 2014
RomaHome R40 2009
Hi all,

We are newbies and have purchased our first motorhome a RomaHome R40 2009. All very exciting and so far great fun.

We are thinking of taking a trip to the Alps in Dec 14 and wondering if anybody has had experience in snow and cold temperatures specifically with a R40 as it has an external water tank under chassis or other motorhomes that also may have an external water tank.

Is it possible to coat/cover with something like the silver thermal lining and wrap water lines?

Any suggestions or experiences would be appreciated.

Thanks Scott


Apr 25, 2014
Lancaster uk
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Wraps and blankets are available and also you can have an element installed into your fresh water tank. This obviously needs a power supply ( 12 volt ) and will flatten a leisure battery over time so probably best if used in conjunction with mains hook up. Take a look at CAK Tanks website as all the items are available from them.
Nov 18, 2011
My be good idea to look at jons of jonandshell he is your extreme cold wither man for all my winter preparations for water tanks I have always had a water tank in the habitation aria under one of the sets I think that would be a lot esere than trying to lag and put element in.
It is then protected from frost especially if your hot air heating is running thru the aria where the tank is and siting the tank on sum poly fome will protect it from under neth
I would look at bringing any pip work in doors or lagging very well.
A old duvet to put over dash board is a good idea to stop could draughts
good heavy cur tens
lots of bubble wrap for windows extra insulation I use the radiator reflective stuff.
you also have to take in to consideration using propane read boatel as this work beater in colder conditions
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