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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Shuismo, Mar 1, 2014.

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    Always read what is actually covered on an extended warranty, last year We took out a 3year extended warranty with a well know dealer. I did ask if the timing belt was covered, a verbal confirmation was given, however what the actual coverage is, if we have the timing belt changed and then it fails we are covered yippee, however there are more loopholes in the document than in a sieve and as the insurer said we look at all criteria,we will look at all criteria if we ever take out an extended warranty which I doubt.:cry:
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    Yes indeed.

    Said much the same in a post on insurance policy small print. I guess if you think about it breakdown cover is only another form of insurance.

    Looking at it statistically (smoke & mirrors) any insurance accident, breakdown, central heating, tele etc is expected to return a profit on the premium. On average then you would expect not to pay out more than the cost of the premium during any one period of insurance. That assumes that the probability of fault is the same for each item, which is not strictly true. Murphy's law is alive and well and sometimes s**t happens. The cost of the loss may exceed the premium by many orders of magnitude and the insurance company relies on many people taking out the cover and only a few claiming.

    Which boils down too. Read the small or beware. These days the word comprehensive means something other than all included. Shocked to find on comparison website windscreen cover is now optional?????
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    I would have thought that a cam belt would be covered providing it fails within the manufacturers specified time period.

    I am pretty certain our warranty would, if it did'nt then the warranty companies rep would be getting an earful and risk the loss of our business.

    To be honest it is always best to let your dealer sort the claim out with your insurer, they have a lot more clout than you providing they can be bothered.


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