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    Thank - you for all the advice it has been a great help in some ways but not in others CONFUSED.COM .What and how will i find out about the payload ?????? How will i know if my driving license allows me to drive the MH. And why does the weight effect the buying.

    I have ordered the book that has been recommended and we are of on our first MH weekend on the 26th, with the made bed layout of the 6 berth fiat road star., which after looking at a lot of layouts online i think i really like.As both kids could sleep above the cab, which allows the table and eating area to remain up all the time, i also like the separation from the dinette and the kitchen with the high back seats.

    well lets see, it may all change after we stay in it , But thanks so much for the help

    Kind regards The very Confused 5Keoghs
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    we love our lunar roadstar hope you have a great time xxxxxxxxxx
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    Simples. If you look on the back of your driving licence, you will see the categories listed. If you have C1, you can drive rigid vehicles, up to 7500kg. If you don't have C1, you are limited to vehicles under 3500kg.
    You can take a test to get the C1 entitlement
    Generally, motorhomes will be advertised with their max weights. Also, the max weight is on a plate under the bonnet or inside one of the cab doors. As well as being listed on the reg document.
    Most manufacturers will tell you what the vehicles payload is. Many new vans list their payload differently. It is usually the difference between the max weight ( say 3500kg) minus the base vehicle with engine oil and water, 80% fresh water, 80% waste 80% fuel and driver ( they allow 75kg for the driver!!). You could find the payload anything between 200 kg to over a tonne.
    But, they are not always accurate!
    Another thing to take into account is if the vehicle is over 3500kg it will have different speed limits and some roads may restrict traffic over 3500kg and tolls may be higher on toll roads.
    Best of luck with your search. There are other threads on here discussing weight and licences.
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    if you took your car test before january 1997 you should have catagory C1 and can drive up to 7500kg
    this is commonly known as 'grandfather rights'
    after january 1997 your are limited to 3500kg unless you take a test for the next higher group....C1

    payload is easy to calculate.....

    empty the van of everything...food, clothing, fresh and waste tank contents and anything else not bolted down.
    if its bolted/screwed down it becomes part of the van and the items weight is deducted from your payload.

    now visit a public weighbridge and get the whole van, then front axle, then rear axle weighed.

    deduct the whole vehicle weight from the gross weight shown on the VIN plate.....the remaining sum is your payload.

    when reloading do not exceed the total weight or either (not both) axle weights shown on the VIN plate.

    axle weights nearly always add up to more than the vehicles gross weight.....this is to allow a small msrgin for uneven loading

    if you load either axle to the plate limit shown you must unload the other axle to bring the weight back to the gross vehicle weight.
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