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    we use Eurotunnel about twice a year ( using Tesco vouchers, though that is getting less good a deal with changes to credit card points) and we have rarely had a problem changing a crossing for no or modest supplement.

    Just a tip based on today's experience, the manner in which you change it can make a huge difference.

    Rolled up at Calais late last night, booked return journey not until next week, had a wine order to pick up 1st thing this morning and dithering about whether to spend the day relaxing and shopping so decided to leave changing crossing until today. Plenty of availability showing at minimal cost-to-change.

    Woke up and looked online, prices had rocketed possibly as ferry services were still somewhat disrupted in the tail end of the storms. Given the cost of calling customer call centre thought we may as well call by the terminal just in case.

    Quoted cost to change as at least £119 (I think some were more) but that if we came back after 4pm it would be £14. And no, they couldn't take payment top rebook that there, which I did half expect. Had the wine to collect so exited, then phoned call centre. They put us on the next available crossing for £14.

    Moral of story based on this and extensive previous experience is:

    1) If you are merely early arriving and are prepared to wait if nescessary, show up at the kiosk. Chances are you will be put on an earlier crossing at no extra cost (usually up to 2 earlier, often if earlier still there will be a small charge, depends on peak and off peak).

    2) If you are looking to change date or time completely, don't take as gospel prices you see online or what you are told at the kiosk. It might be cheaper to call after all!

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