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  1. gingertom

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    Jul 12, 2010

    I`m going on a European road trip and need advice about who might be a good insurer for european cover. Currently with Sureterm but bit concerned about some of the paperwork that I`ve received which covers `uninsured loss recovery and personal injury`- provided that the incident occurs in GB, NI, IOM or CHI. I`m due for renewal, can anybody advise on another insurer or whether Sureterm are ok re: euro cover? happy camping thanks :Smile:
  2. jaygee

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    Mar 21, 2009
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    we've just changed to Safeguard as they offer unlimited European insurance and breakdoiwn cover i.e. longer than 90days and they were not much more than other cover with 90 day in any 12 month restrictions.
  3. bonneville

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    Nov 14, 2010
    Kirkby mallory

    Sorry not a recomendation but merly an oppinion regarding Sureterm, I too had concerns regarding my European cover with them and after reading the paper work and contacting them (after a 30min wait ) still not clear on small print.Sureterm not great on clear and concise replies or info, i for one will be looking elseware when my insurance is due.
  4. sedge

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    Jul 7, 2009
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    Well, the motor cover will be OK as long as that's European, comprehensive (and not just basic 'local' equivalent of RTA only) right number of days and all that jazz ... but ULR is normally an add-on and often provided by a different insurer. Don't assume because your certificate of insurance has all the countries printed on the back that full policy cover applies - that certificate is ONLY proof that the policy covers 'the legal minimum requirements' - both here in the UK and in the countries mentioned. Any extension of 'basic' cover - TPF&T or Comp - will be shown in a combination of the policy schedule and the full piolicy wording together. The one place you won't find it, is your certificate.

    This ULR extension is what you claim under when you are hit by a third party. You claim under your own insurance and it will cough up. But you will have to pay the normal excess; it will affect your NCD plus your policy very likely won't pay for eg hire of a replacement vehicle or any other 'incidental' expenses. So the ULR insurers will pursue your claim for those things against the other driver. Normally if the insurer coughs up OK for the damage they will also cough up meekly for your other expenses as long as they are "reasonable" and you may have to justify that. Eg don't expect em to cough up for a night in the Savoy if there were rooms available at the Travelodge right next door. They also wouldn't pay for dinner at eg The Fat Duck if there were 27 assorted Beefeaters and Harvesters in the same vicinity. Or the hire of a Ferrari when your Mini gets wrecked. You get the picture!

    We have laws and precedents in the UK regarding these things and as long as he was insured you'll be OK. But if he wasn't you could be up a gum tree without a paddle. You could be suing a 'man of straw' - a complete waste of time effort and money. You might also be OK if it was say a french/spanish/italian/scandinavian etc etc bloke in their own country in a properly legal traceable and insured vehicle. However get an eg Albanian driver in an eg Greek truck in eg Montenegro and then you might be rather stuck.

    Also if it's 'only' your excess they aren't going to throw thousands of ££££ at it to get that back - even if they have the representation to chase it in that territory and the laws of that land allow them to do it.

    Hence I wonder whether many insurers actually do give full European cover for ULR and if they do, whether it's worth the paper it's written on? However I am not a motor insurance expert so I could be wrong. Best ask a decent motor broker about that!
  5. slobadoberbob

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    Jun 1, 2009
    Kent, garden of England
    Safeguard unlimited plus then ADAC

    I have Safeguard.. did a lot of reasearch on this a couple years ago and have renewed with them again this week. Not the cheapest about but the cover is much better and it is the european cover I was interested in as I run an American rig and that is 5.5 tons without the 4 wheel 18'6" trailer with the car on it.. they cover it... but you do need to check the terms and conditions. Value of getting off the motorway is better if over 3.5 tons and worse if under 3.5 tons for some reason.. there is unlimited recovery costs to the UK.

    I also have ADAC the german cover .. they use the AA in the UK and you get a UK telephone number.. it covers all of Europe any car or motorhome you are in.. plus I can get cover for my wife... they have 17m members in europe.. 17 helicopters and even an air evac jet.. it is more than breakdown cover it is medical and even lost keys..tow out of mud on a field etc., and under £100... well worth having even just for the translation service overseas and the line of credit if needed.


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