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Discussion in 'American RV's' started by smithies, Sep 21, 2008.

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    Can anyone recommend a tried and tested company for Euro breakdown cover ,Spain mainly. We are with Safeguard so have AA cover , has anyone experienced full recovery to UK. ?
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    Yep......unfortunately. :cry:

    Twice in the one year. :cry:
    Once with the insurers accident recovery scheme, which only took us as far as Dover, then you are on your own. And the other time was with Britannia's breakdown service which took us from door to door, and they arranged collection of the hired car, absolutely first class. It was done through their European agent IAM.

    If carrying bikes, they will try to get your permission to store them inside. This is an attempt to cut down their recovery costs, ie, length. Do not give into their requests.
    Your vehicle will only be recovered when there are a sufficient number of vehicles to make up "a load.". You may not see it for 2-3 weeks.
    On both occasions, nothing went missing from our MH.

    Please be aware, that you have little, or no control over the proceedures nor timings of the recovery.


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    Providing it complies to their strict and inflexible age and value criteria. (He couldn't get an English version of the rules and conditions.) They were hell bent on arrangeing to scrap my mates camper rather than bring it back to the UK but did offer to repatriate his party and trailer. In the event he had to make other arrangements. Cheap but not so chearful.
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    We used the AA through Safeguard last year in Europe. They were brilliant and the after care was first class.

    We did not need full recovery to UK.
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    Not first hand but my brother has. Both of us have RAC Arrivals cover through C&CC.
    He was in France when the gearbox failed in his Chevy powered Winnebago. The RV was recovered and delivered back to Dudleys. He was very pleased with the speed and effeciency shown.
    I've had to use them 3 times myself including recovery but never in Europe.

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    our lexington broke down in germany it was recovered back to westcrofts we were given a hire car and the hotel bills were paid, the service was first class all down to safeguard paul
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    RAC recovery


    RAC Through CCC, are first class. Ive been recoverd twice, once when the Gearbox went ****-up at Denham to repairer at Alton. and in Jan 2008 from the M23 to Dover when my spare, spare tyre blew up before I`d had time to get its replacement. (2 blowouts in 3 days!!, we where carrying 4 Brand New tyres in the "toad" at the time) but they won`t fit by the roadside, so they low loadered me to Dover camp site and arranged to have a tyre fitter come on site and fit all 4 the next day.

    In 2003 we had the welding on the R-V tow bar fail in France, the RAC arranged for a Garage to carry out a repair AND kept ringing us to check all was OK. When we hit Dover the repair Failed again on the ramp coming off the ferry. They arranged for the car and Trailer to be recovered home, I strapped the tow bar up and went home solo under our "own steam". The car and trailer turned up 2 days later in good condition. As with most recovery systems they DO use contractors for the really big stuff (Like R-V`s) But the latest one is a cracker with full extending bed to give a very low aproach angle ideal where you have a large(ish) overhang.

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    Hi, Just a quetion, why are you looking for an alternative as I thought Safeguard provided full european cover,


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