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  1. lebesset


    May 31, 2009
    I think anyone who has done any amount of european touring will be aware that the best aires guide is currently

    which is free to access on line a guess it will exceed 3 million visits this year , reflecting 10 years hard work by the owner

    although france has been shown on a departmental basis , other countries have tended to be on a national basis , much more difficult to access
    for this reason the owner has set about dividing countries into regions , germany and italy have been done , a 6 month job each time !

    the only problem with an on line guide is ...what if you have no wifi !
    for this reason the site is selling usb sticks with the information for €16.50 delivered , or you can download to your usb stick or HD for €8 ; only difference is that these do not include the google maps/views , and the regionalised italy will not appear for another 8 weeks ; the usb stick will only work with a computer

    it is suggested that IE is very poor for the heavy download , use firefox with downthemall add on for example

    there is an english translation of how to use the site on each country page

    as I am planning a trip to italy I shall be waiting until july to invest my €8 ! , I don't forward plan , just wander along , so off line is well worth it to me ! will have to save €1 a week as well

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