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    Oct 18, 2007
    Seasalter kent
    As my petition is closing Oct 21st could I ask you to sign if you have not already done so.
    I have to date 670 Signatures and also a List of 80 Signatures that is rising all the time from members that do not have a computer or who have not seen the petition on the web.
    This was kindly started by Surrey Group and will go with me to Sussex and Kent AGM's and then be sent to Downing Street and Boris.
    Stories are coming out of a member who has his Drive split by the Zone and they can drive out but not back again due to the one way system.
    Also another member who has the Zone at the end of the road so will be fined if he drives out of his road.
    There is a Sainsbury car Park half in and half out so you see come 2010 we are really going to see the fun start as I have also been told of the lorry driver who realised he was coming into the zone and did a U turn to get out of paying so causing a problem to the traffic this will start happening with our Motor Homes.
    Thankyou for all your kind support on this matter as it is about time we stood up for OUR HUMAN RIGHTS.
    I agree we should be aware of the problems of the planet but why such a big fine £100 in and a £100 out is very unfair.

    Petition to: Exempt Motorhomes from the new Emmission Charges. | Number10.gov.uk
    My petition reads:
    We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Exempt
    Motorhomes from the new Emmission Charges.
    Motorhome Owners average Mileage in England is aprox 6,000 per
    year. We rally at weekends and enjoy holidays around the
    country as well. The Hobby is enjoyed by retired couples and so
    we cannot afford fines or scrap our vehicles, as advised in
    many of the articles on the subject. Our carbon footprint is
    very small compared to Lorries (english or foreign).

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