'Emergency-'Spacesaver' CAR Tyres ?

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    Grretings all.,
    Concerning Newish vehicles[Cars] we seem to have progressed ?? from them having Spare wheels >>> Spacesaver Wheels>>> NO spare wheels/Jacks etc. :cry:

    So now we have a Compressor + Squirty can fuiiled with Goo for instant remedy of a Puncture...EXCEPT Sidewall / Major holes etc..:whatthe:

    2 Q's really.....
    Q1] How do the Breakdown/ Recovery people deal with FLAT tyres with major damage ??

    Q2] If I carry a 'Spacesaver' wheel/Tyre limited to 80kph :Eeek:[ slower for me!] does it have to be the same RIM size as the present vehicle wheels ? OR In an Emergency situation [flat tyre] are we Legal to put a 14" Spacsaver on Instead of the 16".....To get you somewhere local to deal with ??

    Thanks for all input:thumb:
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    The latest two new cars, a Peugeot and a Skoda, that we have bought in the last few years both had the ridiculous tyre filling goo instead of a spare wheel.

    It's not something you really ask or bother about when selecting a new car, there are many more important things to consider, and it was only after a few weeks that I realised the lack of a 'proper' spare tyre.

    After hearing and reading stories of people stranded by the roadside when they had a puncture either because the tyre was too badly damaged or they didn't know how to operate the goo kit I asked the Peugoet dealer for a spare wheel.

    "No way Jose!" - either put up with the goo kit, buy a spacesaver wheeel or a full size wheel (which fits easily in the hole in the boot where generations of spare wheels have fitted).

    I decided that I'd buy a full size wheel from Peugoet and fit a tyre to it from a local Tyre depot - about £75 in total.

    When I bought the Skoda, goo kit supplied, I told them the deal was off if I didn't get a full size spare wheel - they reluctantly gave me one.

    If I was you I'd buy a full size spare and get peace of mind in the event of a puncture or blow out.

    Breakdown services will either tow you home or get a mobile Tyre company to provide a replacement tyre at a highly inflated price.

    I'm not sure that answers your questions but it's the best I can do.

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