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Apr 26, 2008
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Wonder if any Swift owners have had this experience.
Took my Van into BHills to have waste sensor replaced and reversing camera looked at. (they said they could find no fault with latter)
As soon as I drove away, the engine management light came on!
Co-incidence???!!!! BHills reckon they didn't touch the van electrics. Now I'm no expert on these matters., but I thought when the the battery was disconnected the vehicle sometimes had to relearn the engine management hence the light or was it their intervention, guess I'll never know. Anyway they did try but couldn't help so i left for home to contact Fiat and .... the light disappeared! When I switched the reversing cam on it displayed the fault which I was complaing about ie Crashing but switched on!!!! No buttons work not even remote! stays on even with engine off! Only way to turn it off is to remove fuse!.........but at least I was able to show them the fault!!
Anybody heard of either prob?
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