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    Hello Funsters, this is my first blog of any kind on any website, it took me so long to work out how to create a thread I have forgotten what I was going to say..
    I am currently in not-so-sunny Caceres in Spain in my Swift Sundance 630L, which had a number of new appliances added to it before I left England. The first night off the Santander ferry I was at an aire when the low power leisure battery alarm sounded and, sure enough, they were draining fast. Over the next few days, with the help of fellow motorhomers (thanks Gordon and John if you read this) the problem was traced to two circuits which supply the radio/TV and vent fan/bathroom lights. Both circuits were constantly draining power from the batteries, even when everything was switched off, so the temporary fix is to remove the fuses from the ECU when not using the appliances. I also found that there was no power to the radio from the leisure batteries, so I removed the additional wiring connecting the radio to the leisure batteries and now the radio draws its power from the engine battery.
    I think that the wiring has been damaged when one or more of the appliances were fitted, unfortunately I am not intending to return to the UK until next July! Does anyone know of any garages in southern Spain, southern France or Italy (my next destinations) that are reliable and understand English? I could limp along until I get home but would prefer to get the problem sorted now.

    ps from my username I'm sure any Geordie members know which football team I support, and why I'm not looking forward to the game tomorrow!

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