Electric mirror switch repair

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    Repairs to electric mirror switch not working in Rapido 927F.
    Obviously remove switch first, ours was got at via a removable
    Cover which gave access to multi connector at rear of switch.
    Pull off and carefully lever switch forward.
    Relocate to table/drinks area with said switch.

    Shows rear of switch and multi connector.

    Things I wished I had done :-

    Put a blob of tipex or similar on to switch housing and base to enable refitting in
    Correct position later. (Amazing how you can refit it wrongly so many times)

    Not had a carpet the same colour as small springy brass bits ( liberal use of Garrett
    Pro pointer here)

    Been better when training as Ninja as could have caught springy bit as it flew through
    The air........grasshopper.

    This shows the top bit of the switch with the lever arrangement that simply swivels
    Back and forth.
    Note numbers on paper just in case.

    This is the clever bit that operates all 4 of the brass springs. What we need here is
    Symmetry as I found out later. Basically switch will give 12v to mirror motor and
    Then reverse polarity to allow motor to go the other way.
    It looks complicated but let's progress further.

    All of the brass strips are the same so it doesn't matter which one goes where.
    In my case someone had already tried to have a go at the switch but not got it

    Underneath the White bit shown above are a couple of larger sliding brass plates,
    Mine needed a bit of a touch up so sneaked into the kitchen and borrowed the
    Pan scourer, the one with the nylon scotch brite coating, not a Brillo pad
    After a quick rub up, returned scourer..... Think I got away with it.

    View with slide plate in place. Removing this gives access to two small interlocking
    White plastic shuttles with brass connectors attached. These need to make contact
    With the fixed brass bits inside the base of the switch.....see below

    Jolly good cleanup all round and with large scotch in hand, slightly bent contacts
    Outwards to ensure good contact. There are two of these and they slide vertically and


    Refit is reverse of above, (as it usually says in the Haynes manuals).

    I got mine backwards by not marking switch in the first place which meant that when I toggled the switch vertically then the horizontal motor would work.
    Took back off switch and refitted in correct position.
    Now all working and can see varying amounts of road behind.
    Can't quite adjust it in enough for Bubble (Angie) to do her makeup.

    No liability accepted for following these instructions, do so at your own risk,
    All brands of scotch, wine acceptable, when doing this repair and blues music playing on radio. Might look for something else to mend now.
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