Eldis Autoquest

Discussion in 'The Beginner' started by Motoberg, Jul 26, 2010.

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    I was at a well know Perthshire MH dealer at the weekend looking at the vast array of different layouts, It became more and more obvious that to have an overcab bed, a rear U shaped loung and 4 seat belts, you really needed something the size of USS Nimitz....until...I wandered into the Eldis, Mrs Motorberg a) liked the price ( even new ) and liked the smaller size, it had a mini rear U lounge and a forward facing double seat just behind the drivers with seat belts...however, the one thing that struck me was the quality of finish, it was awful..

    The trim over the cut ends of boards etc didnt fit in a number of places, the 'wood effect' lino was stretched already and was as thick as most toilet paper and the general quality was not what I'd seen in a number of older used MH's...you get what you pays for I guess..
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    Elddis Autoquest

    Hi Yes I agree with you but I still purchased my Autoquest 130 and I love the layout and it drives like a dream. If only they could finish off the end product to a better standard and better materials it would be perfect.

    I have had a few teething problems but when they are sorted I will be jumping out of my shoes.

    Keep Smiling :BigGrin:
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    I have the Eldiss Autocirruss 200 and I love it despite the little hiccups you mention.... and yours with a u shaped lounge at the rear sounds wonderful. I am sure you will have many many happy hours in it.:Smile:

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